Format Racing's Professional Betting Method - The One And Only Way To Win

Have you ever wanted to win some serious amounts of money that could change your life completely just by placing just a few well chosen bets in the afternoon? That you had a method at hand that almost guaranteed success anytime you are able to bet? 


Well by using the Format Racing method, (F R Method©) you could soon have just that because here you have one of the best opportunities to win you will EVER be just need to have the good sense to take it.



"Hi Martin, I bought the E-book on Friday. I have to say this method is so simple and logical, I'm surprised no one has thought of it before! It takes great ingenuity to create something which diverts the punter from being a gambler to being a bookmaker. Your method provides plenty of betting action but also a framework within which to maintain rock solid discipline and no emotional need to chase the losses that a few losing bets can create because I KNOW the margins are on my side in the long term. Your method is totally about mathematical fact and therefore it offers a virtual guarantee of success without having to make more than a cursory note of the races to get involved in. It is simply brilliant! Thank you very much indeed!" Craig



My name is Martin Hill and I have been making good money from betting for a long time now but the last few years have been the simplest and the best since I began to use my exclusive method that almost guarantees a profit daily and that takes the serious risk out of betting forever.


Since I started using the F R Method© as my one serious betting tool, the probability of my success largely increased - and now I regularly draw well over £500 tax free cash each week and all from a betting bank that started at just £200.


Whether you are a total novice who wants to make simple profits from racing or a professional gambler that would like to know how to make it even safer to bet for a living then this method will become your one main approach towards betting. It's simply too good for it not too.


You can now copy my method to the letter because in the e-book I explain exactly how you can find the horses that I bet on each day that produce these low risk, high gain winning bets allowing YOU to keep on making money.



"I've just bought your system and it strikes me that statistically, it should create a good long-term profit. Ironically, with my first attempt this evening I happened to get 9 winners out of 10. Shame I was only paper trading." David H


"I have always searched for that one system that will give me a simple one point profit each day so I can work up to winning £100 a day. Within the first week I have made over 15 points profit and now I can't wait to get the paper to see how many races I can bet on to work out how much money I could win!" Colin E


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"Let me show you how you can make over £20,000 per year backing horses on the betting exchanges using a strategy based on how the bookmakers themselves make their money.


The F R Method© will be the last 'system' you ever buy because it puts the probability of success firmly in your favour and unlike everything else you have ever read about or paid for in the past, this really works." Martin Hill - Format Racing

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