One of the best systems I have ever used and think I will ever use. I have had an excellent strike rate of winners since I started using it and and have made some very good progress. Philip E


I own a small library of systems, methods and books and your idea of how to attack the game is exceptional. I only wish I lived in the UK in order to give it the full measure of its value. I made about $90 on Saturday, I bet on 3 races and won on all 3. Thanks again for selling an excellent system. Cal (USA)


Thanks for the e-book Martin, I'm backing so many winners. You obviously looked at how the bookmakers make their money and have worked out a system that we backers can use to bet in a similar way. Your efforts are much appreciated and you're right I don't think I can lose. Clive H. 


I have always searched for that one system that will give me a simple one point profit each day so I can work up to winning £100 a day. Within the first week I have made over 15 points profit and now I can't wait to get the paper to see how many races I can bet on to work out how much money I could win! Colin E.


Thanks for the quick reply. As a pensioner I only bet using £2 stakes for fun on Betfair but using your betting method has given me so many winners. William H


It's a sound method and a good product. The system did amazingly yesterday. Mathew W


I bought the F R Method on Sunday and then went on to back 14 winners from the days 4 meetings yesterday using the system and to back so many winners made it a brilliant day. I really like the look of this and want to make a serious go of it. Cheers Martin. Martyn M


I purchased today and 'paper traded' the races. I selected 11 races from Ayr 3.45 to Beverley. 8.00 pm. and won in 8. If this is an average over time give or take one or two, it does seem as though the method will be quite successful. It is nicely set out and explained and I hope to make my money back on it before long. Malcolm M


Having just purchased the system it looks very promising. Philip F


I must say that the logic of this method is superb and suits my betting style. Alan Y


For the first two days I made 2pts profit and 5pts profit. Fr Method looks good. Thanks! Huang S 


My first two bets and I won £200. Brenda S


Thank you for your Format Racing method, it is a very good method. Mark D


First 10 races today, no bet in 5 of them and 5 wins from the others, 100%! I intend to do the first 10 races whenever I am here and not on the golf course and of course the beauty of your system is that you can pick it up and put it down whenever you want. This time next year Rodney! Tony B


First I would like to thank you very much for the e-book, which is great. You obviously have the experience which I'm in the process of acquiring. Anthony S


I am most impressed. I have had a run of winning races!!! Chris M


Attached are today's results which were very satisfactory. You now have the results for 110 races over 5 days and I think you can recommend your method to interested Aussie customers with confidence. Tom


I've just bought your system and it strikes me that, statistically, it should create a good long-term profit. Ironically, with my first attempt this evening I happened to get 9 winners out of 10. Shame I was only paper trading. David H


I have your system and like it - made some money already. Peter C


Great start yesterday first 3 came in so decided that will do nicely for the day!! Steve B


By the way, on first reading, this looks like it is an eminently logical system, hence I have high hopes that it will do 'exactly what it says on the tin'. A M


Everything okay now, thanks. Made £631 net profit today. Tim P


Have purchased the FR Method and been using it the last couple of evenings and very pleased and optimistic of success in using the product more in the next few weeks. Paul P


I have tested the Format Racing (on Australian races) and so far I am happy with the results. Robert 


Finally, I bought your book. It looks very very interesting and promising. Valery M


I continue to be very impressed by the Method. Anthony S


Once again thank you very much for such a swift reply. I must say I'm really impressed with your customer service :-). Philip L


Well I must say I enjoyed my first wee dabble at your method ,thanks. Eric S


I love it! Brian M


Having purchased your e-book, what can I say. Just what I have been looking for.


I bought your ebook and like what I have read. Terry C


I have been trading now for eight days and after starting with a bank of just £80 I am now up to £568 profit.  Only two days of losses, one for £12 and yesterday losing £66 but then today won £100 so all losses back plus profit. I am looking forward to gradually increasing the stakes. Brian M


I purchased your system a few weeks ago and have been impressed with the results so far. Paul H 


I purchased a little while back and am very impressed. Kevin D


Hello Martin and thanks for the wonderful system! I've been using it for a few days now and have had consistently good results - a few losers, of course, but plenty of winners! Mike A


Thanks for your prompt reply, a great help. £280 up (paper betting) for 2 days at £100 per win level, although stopping earlier would have been nearly double that. Andy W


I just bought the FR Method yesterday and I like it.


Purchased your e-book today - Very, very interesting indeed. Steven H


Hi Martin, I downloaded the manual on Wednesday of this week, made a profit that day on the first few races. Friday was very good 2 early races at Southwell 2 points profit (£50) just going by the last few days all weather racing seems to be very good for this method. I am very pleased with your manual I have bought many systems in the past which don't live up to expectations. I am sure your system will allow me to make consistent profits. Best wishes. - Lawrence B


Hello again. Further to my last email. Having at last got the whole system up on my screen, I must say that it  looks very good indeed. So after a little paper trading I shall look forward to winning. If this is the case the amount I paid will be a bargain price. Thanks v. much. Leonard W


I have just bought Format and I am really impressed with it after only one day! Although I know nothing, it seems far more logical than a lot of other systems and is very well-written. Also I like the sense of control with the Excel calculator. M L


I bought your Format Racing e-book a couple of weeks ago and have tried it out today for the first time, with a bot, and it has been a profitable day so far! Thanks! :-)) S B


After 1 week of trying the system I have made back the initial outlay and £100 profit.  So thanks for putting my faith back in humanity and finding one system that is not pure marketing hype. E Hill


I must say I'm very impressed. Not a losing day so far. I think the stop after £200 profit for the day strategy is worth exploring too. Steve B


It's probably the most sensible betting plan I have ever read. I am excited at the prospect of putting it into action tomorrow. Many thanks. Graham W


I have to say I’m absolutely delighted with the results. Aiming for £50 profit per race won and hoping for £50 overall profit on the day, I played in 18 races yesterday. At the end of the day, I’d had only 4 losing races (costing me £313 in total) and I’d had 14 winning races winning me £757. In total, £444 profit on the day! P M


Bought your system, used it for a week and making good profits. Terry W


I purchased your system and have had three profitable days so far. A Thompson


Hello Martin I purchased the system some months back and it has stood the test of time being both logical and profitable. Killian


Thanks for the info, I really like the look of this system. It has a feel of common sense about it. N. Stewart


Well put together and a sensible betting plan, thanks. J James


Thanks for the system, I really like it. It's certainly well thought out and really is quite a simple concept. I played on ten races in the first two days and had 8 winners, all winning very easily too. I hope I can send you another email in six months time telling you I have increased my stakes and that the system is still working well. Somehow with this I'm sure it will be. Thanks again and good luck to you. B Davidson


Thanks for an excellent method. I intend to make a living out of this and as methods go this is definitely one of the better ones. P Lewis


Just to let you know that I purchased the system a few weeks ago, and have been using consistently for the past week (evenings and weekends only), the winning bets just keep rolling in! My original intention was to use the system as a back-up for 2 tipsters I am following, just to keep the bank ticking over during any bad spells they might have. Well if this keeps up they will end up on the scrap heap and I will only use the F R Method! The best value for money betting system I have ever brought, in fact the only one that actually works! Yours delighted and amazed. S Pudney


Martin, system makes sense. I'm going to start today but with low stakes to start, I am confident in this system as it is a common sense approach to betting. Nigel


Hi Martin, thanks for the FR System. I really enjoyed using it today. I like the discipline and it is less stressful than my own method. I had 6 winners and 3 losers coming out with + £72. David


I have recently bought your system and am impressed with the logic. Charles


Just to let you know I tried your system and had four winning bets out of four. Must say I am enjoying this. C Craddock


I had 6 bets yesterday and all won so I am up €400 profit in 2 days which I am delighted with. C Craddock


I like the method and hope shortly to be able to get it into operation.  I especially like it that you can select the races and so plan when to be at the PC rather than sit there for hours. R Stephenson


I've now purchased Formatracing and it does seem like a very good system and I'm using it to good effect. Chris


Excellent system thanks. I have certainly made a profit this last week and look forward to more in the future, thanks again. Paul M


I made over £450 today in just over four hours with your system and I believe this is one system I can trust. As you say it based on sound principles unlike all the other s**t out there. Nigel H


I've just downloaded my ebook and am very excited about getting started. No problems with the download. Ian G


Hi Martin, I am enjoying your system a lot. Graeme

Hi Martin, I downloaded your e-book yesterday and must say I'm delighted with your method. Why didn't I come up with the idea, it's as simple and logical as well as genius. I just love the simplicity and mathematics behind the method and intend to use it in a professional manner. Thank you so much for your efforts. Marija
I would like to say that from what I have seen so far the FR method really does seem to work. Steve

I have had my second day using the FR system and I am following your rules for deleting certain races. So far I have achieved a very impressive 85% strike rate, winning 12 out of 14 races. I have started at the £15 level, and already the bank is growing. This is the first thing I have ever had any luck with, thanks once again, regards Steve. Steve


I love the system and had a bookmaker look at it for me actually and he thinks it is great. Larry


Hi Martin, I bought the E-book on Friday. I have to say this method is so simple and logical, I'm surprised no one has thought of it before! It takes great ingenuity to create something which diverts the punter from being a gambler to being a bookmaker. I like to have several bets a day, but that means making poor decisions regarding value bets too often. Your method provides plenty of betting action but also a framework within which to maintain rock solid discipline and no emotional need to chase the losses that a few losing bets can create because I KNOW the margins are on my side in the long term. Your method is totally about mathematical fact and therefore it offers a virtual guarantee of success without having to make more than a cursory list of the types of races to get involved in and then simply react to the markets using other people's judgment. It is simply brilliant! Thank you very much indeed! Craig


I bought your e-book this morning, and it seems to be very potent and interesting. Rainer


Bought the Format Racing Method 2 weeks ago due to the fact it was a relatively easy system to understand and was backed up by stats which I think is crucial for a system to have some success. The 1st week I used it I was pretty impressed and made a nice profit at the end of the week. Neil


Thanks Martin, what an excellent system. Stephen


Very pleased so far with the results. Carrie


Hi Martin, I bought this system based on your testimonials and have to say I am now glad to add my own as this is the only system I have ever used that really is based on common sense and does actually make a profit. Yes its true, a system that works! Thanks again. Kenny


Purchased the method today and it makes very good sense. A long term strategy that I am keen to get started on. Ashley


Is it just me or is this the best system ever? I've made money in nearly every race so far! B Foster


Very sensible and workable method which I am very happy with. I can see this working in the long term and something I could also tweak to suit my style even more though still using your principle as the main area so thanks again. Rodney B


This system has an excellent strike rate and something I think will really work. I am looking at using it to stop after a point or two has been made each day which seems to happen pretty often most days or with a sensible staking plan as the losing runs have been very short so far. Brilliant and thanks again. D Mitchell



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