The F R Method© will turn you into a winner.


To be successful at anything in life you have to understand how it works and horse racing is no different. In fact it is even more important to understand racing and gambling because if you don't you can lose serious amounts of money.


And it's thanks to the bookmakers who end up with most of that money for helping me to understand how to improve my betting in the most explosive way because if it wasn't for them and the knowledge they have and use, then I would never have come up with this method of betting myself.


You see the bookmakers understand horse racing and the mathematical probabilities of betting that put the odds in THEIR favour so that THEY always win.


Now guess what the F R Method© does? It understands horse racing and the mathematical probabilities of betting that put the odds in YOUR favour so that YOU always win!


If you don't do this you will lose - ALWAYS.

The FR Method© is pure genius and is available whenever you need it.


By following the same proven plan that I use to make money, your search for that elusive 'gold mine' is now over and because this method is not a 'system' in the normal manner of things it will never be a case of missing that one big priced winning 'system selection' that could cost you half your yearly profits.


You can now miss a day or two's betting for whatever reason, safe in the knowledge that your winnings will in no way be harmed as there are plenty of races to bet on throughout the year and with the strike rate of winners staying so consistently high, you can simply pick up where you left off and continue to win your money.


This means that the F R Method© is probably the perfect betting strategy as you can continue to win again and again however much time you have allowing you to bet every day, just evenings and weekends, or whenever you wish.


Using the F R Method© will require you to:


     1.    NOT use any crazy loss recovery staking plans, in fact no staking plans at all as all bets are placed to level stakes.     

     2.    NOT follow any complicated rules that make many systems currently available useless, (apart from the fact none of them work anyway) .  

     3.    NOT watch the betting market for those gambled on horses, (very boring and many more lose than win anyway).     

     4.    NOT back the second and third in the betting to win or each way against the odds on favourite.     

     5.    NOT lay horses. I back horses to win which is far less stressful and much more rewarding.     

     6.    NOT back odds on favourites all the time. if ever.    

     7.    NOT download or use any type of betting exchange or bet placement software.     

     8.    NOT place bets 'in running' or get involved in any 'arbing'.     


Put the odds in your favour.


Betting using the F R Method© is like having the edge on a roulette wheel where the '0' and '00' slots mean that the casinos simply cannot lose because the odds and the maths are fixed hard in their favour. However the F R Method© increases your chance of success even further, by making bigger profits in a much shorter time span and is like having three quarters of the wheel on your side.


This method will be different to anything you will have seen or tried before as it works out the probability of success in certain races and then lets you know whether to bet or not depending on a couple of components that influence the likely outcome of each individual race.


Everything is set out clearly for you to understand, just follow this simple plan and you will never need to worry about losing again.


In the e-book you can see a full weeks betting explained in detail, showing every bet placed and how I ended up making over £450 to just £20 stakes in only 7 days.


So if you want to SERIOUSLY BET FOR A LIVING and win £50, £75, £100 or more per day using the low risk betting strategy that practically guarantees daily profits, then don't miss out on the F R Method©. It is amazingly priced for what it will achieve for you, so buy it right away and you can start winning today!


Martin Hill - Format Racing.


"I bought the F R Method on Sunday and then went on to back 14 winners from the days 4 meetings yesterday using the system and to back so many winners made it a brilliant day. I really like the look of this and want to make a serious go of it. Cheers Martin". Martyn M.

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£455.50 Proven Profit in 7 Days


"In the e-book I take you through a recent week of betting from 2016 race by race, showing every bet that was placed.


You will see how I made what I would call a very average £445.50 profit, after commission, in seven days and using just £20 stakes! 


Every bet can be fully checked and verified. Confirming that all bets were official F R Method© system bets. See the odds for each horse and the profit/loss by day (no losing days), and total profit overall of more than 20 points in one week."


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