Frequently Asked Questions

Is the F R Method© for backing or laying?


Backing horses only and no arbing or betting in running is required either.



Is it complicated to use?


Absolutely not. All you need to know is in the e-book and if you do have any problems at all you can contact me anytime and I will be able to help out, although I'm very confident you will not need my assistance as it really is very simple.



Do I need to buy any special newspapers or website subscriptions?


No. Free access to the Internet is all that is required.



Can I use the F R Method© on Australian racing, USA racing, South African racing etc.?


Yes, the F R Method can be used on all major racing, anywhere in the world.



What do I need to know about horse racing to use the F R Method© successfully?


Practically nothing. You will need to open an account with one of the betting exchanges such as Betfair or Betdaq and have some basic common sense to understand the F R Method© itself, but knowing about horse racing, or horse racing form in detail etc. is not necessary. 



How much money will I need to win £500 each week?


It is always wise to start small and build up your stakes as you grow. I started betting to £15 a point with a bank of just £250, now I use larger stakes and so will you I believe once your profits start to grow.


During the week that I tracked the races that you can follow in the e-book I made over £450 stakes using £20 stakes as an easy example. This was quite an average week and a good guide to how the method works and lets you see just how simple it is to use. 


You can bet on more or less races if you wish too, however sticking exactly to my rules and just betting on the races I do will give you the greatest chance of success I believe. All my bets are to level stakes so there is no need for me to double up my money which is where many betting banks are lost very quickly.


I have never personally needed to have a large amount of money in reserve but I would suggest a bank of 20 times your stake would give you absolute confidence that you wouldn't run out of money.



Will I be doubling up my stakes after a loser?


Definitely not. You will only ever be betting to level stakes, in fact you will never need to double up, chase any losses or use any kind of staking plan.



Can I put my bets on the night before racing?


If you want to follow the F R Method© completely to the letter then unfortunately not. Remember we are betting using a method that is based on how the bookmakers make their money and certain factors will determine whether we are to bet or not which can change the dynamics of each individual race and it is best to know this to have a better chance of winning along with other factors that can make a difference too. I would say you could use the F R Method© in it's basic form the night before racing but to gain the most consistent success then not really.


Don't let this put you off if you are unable to bet during the day for whatever reason because the F R Method© can be used every time you bet no matter how infrequent that is. So weekends and evening racing for example will still provide excellent opportunities to win with the F R Method©, you just pick it up and use it whenever you are betting.



Footnote - Very Important


People are likely to contact me saying, "Will this system let me put one or two bets on in the morning so I can go out all day?", or "I bought your system and although it works I don't want to have to watch the racing all afternoon it's boring", others, "Will I be able to back lots of big priced winners?".


Unfortunately some people want things too easy! There is no magic formula that will find you loads of big priced winners all day long, you will never find it. These horses can only be found on a regular basis using real horse racing knowledge and long hours of form reading and study which really can eat into your time. 


The F R Method© does unfortunately require a little effort for a few hours of the day, (racing doesn't start until after lunch most of the year anyway so you can have the morning off!), but you will not be betting on every race and most of the time you will know these beforehand so you can please yourself and relax in between races. By all means have a cup of tea and watch afternoon TV, just be close enough to your computer to be ready to place your bets when necessary, it's hardly over demanding.


If you don't want to pack in your job to bet full time that's okay, but anyone who does bet on the horses should have the F R Method© available to them no matter how few races they are able to bet on simply because of its consistency to find the winners.


Finally the cost of the F R Method© is £129, which is not a lot of money for a lifetime of betting success. I would like to hazard a guess that most people who have paid for 'miracle systems' in the past only bought the cheap and cheerful ones priced at £9 or £15, maybe £20 top whack, am I right? Well, for the price of two or three of these duds you can now have the real deal.


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